Happy Thanksgiving from DeKalb Surgical

The physicians and staff of DeKalb Surgical Associates want to extend to all our patients and their families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on the past, whether it be just in the year of 2023, or back to our childhoods, sharing the memories and legends and stories that have become each family’s legacy. Thanksgiving typically revolves around the “feast” with a variety of recipes that have become time honored favorites, often handed down through generations.

Who can blame you if you go back for seconds and thirds, for more of that delicious roasted, or deep fried, or smoked Turkey (do you prefer white or dark?)? Perhaps another slice of ham, just one more dollop of mashed potatoes with grandma’s gravy, and of course “just a little taste” of each of the four desserts that have been lovingly prepared?

It would be worthwhile to remember that your gallbladder may need to work overtime this holiday season. Overindulgence, particularly with fried and greasy foods may lead to something more than a bloated stomach and the “tryptophan nap” after dinner. If there happen to be some stones in your gallbladder, that extra strong contraction that squeezes bile out of the gallbladder after a meal could create an episode of more severe pain in the center of your stomach, the right upper abdomen, or into your back. You may have some nausea or vomiting. These are typical symptoms for a “gallbladder attack”. Most often the symptoms subside over a few hours, but sometimes they do not. Such an attack could land you in the emergency room, and even could lead to needing surgery before you can be discharged home.

So when you are tempted to heap more on your plate, or go back for seconds, or taste every single dish on the table, perhaps a better choice would be to leave more leftovers. Enjoy all of those delicious foods in moderation over several meals, and not all at once. You may do your gallbladder a favor! Happy Thanksgiving!

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